xiaomi 30 shk01

Xiaomi Mi Aluminum Mouse Pad features a sleek design that particularly complements Macs. The curved edges won't scratch sleeves or other items. Sturdy construction Made out of aluminum, the Mi Mouse Pad is solid and durable. Smooth surface Allows for precise mouse control and can withstand heavy use. Non-slip rubber base Rubberized base provides heavy grip and security. Slim and light With 3mm thickness, it's slim and stylish. Spill-proof The Metal Mouse Pad won't absorb liquid, making it resistant to spills. Wide application An optimal mouse pad for working, gaming, studying, browsing, and more. Specifications Brand Xiaomi Color Silver Product Size 300 x 240 x 3 mm Package Contents 1 x Mi Mouse Pad

Xiaomi /30 + SHK01

Xiaomi /30 + SHK01 xiaomi 30 shk01

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