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This book aims to examine the process and the meaning of consumerism in contemporary culture and society, using the theoretical frames produced by the scholars from the Frankfurt School, on the one hand, and by Jean Baudrillard, on the other.Some questions about the cultural impact of the “consumerist society” need to be raised: what consumerist society means; which are the main problems around it as far as social theory is concerned; are we all part of this society and if not, who is not part of it; how the consumerist society develops and expands during modernity, and what goes next in the contemporary society. Answering all those questions, we definitely meet the crucial problem about culture in the conditions of that society, since consumerist society and culture are as two sides of one coin, they are in relation and impact on each other. Moreover, the theoretists studied here analyzed culture and society in the same perspective: as two parts which are in infinite relation.

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