original server motherboard for ml350 g4 365062 001 well tested working

1 SMT production manufacturing process. 2 ABS plastic shell ultra-thin design aesthetically pleasing. Surface processing imported high-grade injection color. Type 3 remote control button on the AD hoc sliding key protection cover to prevent accidental touch button after the wrong operation. 4 Built-in small telescopic antenna not only increased the remote distance but also greatly increase its beautiful and practical products Technical parameters Working voltage: 12V (23 a 12V/cell) The working current: 15mA or less Working temperature: - 35 тДГ to + 65 тДГ Transmission frequency: 315 MHz (+/- 75K) Encoding: 1 million set of code automatically Operating range: 150m (open area) Product size: 58 x 38 x 13 mm

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