new fr a7nc cclink module

Brand Elecfreaks Model N/A Quantity 1 Color White + black Material FR4 Features Hall Endstop is a stopper sensor based on the magnetic field when faced with the magnetic field the digital port will output low level and the LED will be on Specification Working voltage: DC 5V Application Developed by blddk this version of the hall endstop sensor is a magnetic-field based endstop sensor for RepRap. This is for the bare PCB. Kits will be available soon. The Cheap-O is among the most accurate cost-efficient solution for endstops. No longer must you worry about long-term bending on mechanical endstops or their questionable repeatability. It's easy to assemble; Compact and reliable. Parameter RepRap's Cartesian axes all need a datum (also known as home position or end-stop) to reference their movements. At the start of each build each axis needs to back up until the datum point is reached. For RepRap we use one opto-switch for each axis to define its position. The opto switches also help to protect the machine from moving past its intended range and damaging itself English Manual/Spec Yes (E-format) Packing List 1 x Hall endstop

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