high quality speedy 4x4x4 brain teaser rotating magic puzzle cube with display base

The 3x3x3 brain teaser magic IQ cube is perfect to practice your brain and improve your memory and hand skills. It is with smooth and easy rotation brain teaser magic cube movement. The magic IQ cube activates your imagination and creativity. Please create incredible designs or check out the magic challenges in your head this fantastic irregularly magic cube toy will keep you entertained for hours. If you love to tease your brain and solve challenging puzzles this cube puzzle is perfect. It features 9 colored squares on each side that must be arranged in the right order. It's a puzzle that takes great skill in problem solving and can give you the satisfaction of being one of only a few that can correctly arrange the squares in order once it is solved. It’s perfect for a gift or decoration at home or in the office. - Made of high quality plastic - With 6 different color sides - Magic intelligence test cube components - Perfect for professional cube players

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