high quality pump bb b40y1

Brand Ivory Model 68 Quantity 1 piece(s) per pack Color White Material PP Specification Cleaning up and sterilizes the breast pump feeding bottle silicone teat and the sealed hood by means of boiling water; Connects the rubber tube with the breast pump and feeding bottle until no leakage; Using clean gauze with warm water to clean the nipples; Put the breast pump on the breast and adjust slightly downward; Hold the feeding bottle with one hand press and release the rubber ball with another hand; Slightly press the breast pump yo let air in when finished sucking milk or pressure is to high the pump can easily takes off; Put the teat and screw cap on the feeding bottle the milk can directly feed the baby or store in the fridge; To avoid drawing the milk into rubber ball. Certifications FDA Packing List 1 x Breast pump 1 x Bottle (120mL)

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